Pacific Post & Beam Office & Shop

Pacific Post & Beam’s shop and office in Paso Robles California were built in 2004.  The office is a timber frame and SIP building, the shop is steel construction.  Along with our shop we built an additional 6 shops for rental.  This has developed into a small construction business community with American Barn & wood who disassemble barns in the mid west and sell recycled timber, hardware and lumber, a cabinet shop, Paladin sheet metal, a door and window supplier, and a remodeling contractor.  We’re open 9:00 to 4:00 weekdays, come by and see the operation.  

Pacific Post & Beam mapPacific Post & Beam office timber framePacific Post & Beam office timber framePacific Post & Beam officePacific Post & Beam office timber entryPacific Post & Beam office post basePacific Post & Beam office interiorPacific Post & Beam shopPacific Post & Beam office