Construction Services

Now that your new home has been designed and engineered and you have a building permit, what’s next?

Because most of our projects require travel to the building site, Pacific Post & Beam offers a limited range of on-site services on projects away from the central coast of California. We typically limit our job site services to raising the frame and installing the SIP (structural insulated panel) enclosure. Because of the time and cost associated with long distance travel, we limit our full timber frame projects to California. We ship timber framed trusses nation wide.  We offer general contraction services in San Luis Obispo county.

Once the permit has been issued and a building schedule has been agreed to between the client, the client’s general contractor and Pacific Post & Beam, timber will be ordered and delivered to our shop. Depending on the size of the project it will take the Pacific Post & Beam crew 4–8 weeks to cut the frame.  Pacific Post & Beam timber frames are hand crafted in Paso Robles.

Timber Choices and Finishes
The majority of our frames are constructed of Douglas Fir timbers with a smooth sanded finish. Other options include pine, spruce, redwood and recycled Douglas Fir and redwood. Finish surface options include sanded, rough sawn, and hand hewn. Our frames are usually finished with a clear finish product. Stain and white wash are other finish options.

Frame Raising
Your frame will be raised by the same skilled craftsmen who cut the joinery in the shop. The frame raising will take one week for an average-size home. The Pacific Post & Beam team will return home while your contractor prepares the frame for enclosure. This preparation varies project to project and typically includes applying the finish to the frame, securing the frame to the foundation, and installing the floor and roof decking.

Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) Enclosure
About one week after the raising, the Pacific Post & Beam team will return to enclose the timber frame with structurally insulated panels. The enclosure takes 2 to 4 weeks depending on the size of the frame and site conditions. After the panels are installed it is time for your contractor to install doors and windows, siding, roofing, build interior walls and do the finish work to complete your home. Pacific Post & Beam is a distributor for Premier Building Systems SIP’s.
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