Design & Engineering Services

Pacific Post and Beam offers a variety of different design approaches, the technical knowledge and support to provide you with a complete set of plans that will get you through the building permit and construction processes.  At Pacific Post and Beam we take the design approach that this is your house and we are here to make things happen the way you want them to.

Our past design projects vary from clients coming in with near complete plans generated by themselves to nothing more than a few ideas, photos of homes they like, or rough sketches on a notepad. From there we offer our experience and knowledge to design the house of your dreams.

We are a custom timber frame builder and have not invested a lot of time and energy to generate generic floor plans; they are typically redesigned by the end of the process to suit individual client needs.  Instead we rely on your individual circumstances to give us direction in designing your home such as; unique site conditions, the slope of the land, wind and solar orientation and your own personal lifestyle preferences. Many good ideas can be found in magazines such as “Timber Frame Homes” and “Timber Homes Illustrated.”  If you haven’t started already, start thinking of what you want your house to be. Identify the styles you like, floor plan concepts that appeal to you and features you want in your home. Collect photographs, articles, and anything that helps identify the ideas you have. Our Project/Client Profile sheet may also help you identify information that will help develop your design direction.

We have two drawing phases.  The first part is preliminary design billed @ $85.00 per hour.  Once the preliminary design is established and approved we enter a fixed cost contract for Construction Documents.
Download the Project/Client Profile sheet. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Using an Architect If you have already selected an architect or plan to use another’s design services, it is important to inform them early in the design process that you plan to use Pacific Post & Beam to build your timber frame structure. Although we have adapted our work to fit into a completed set of plans in the past, having Pacific Post & Beam involved early in the process insures better frame design and integration into the overall design. We will work with your designer and will tailor our services to meet your projects needs.

Engineering Services  Whether or not you choose Pacific Post & Beam for design, Pacific Post & Beam typically provides complete structural design and engineering services for the timber frame. Structural engineering, from the foundation up, is provided by a licensed California Structural Engineer that Pacific Post & Beam has worked with for over 20 years. The drawing package provides all that is needed to obtain a permit and take you through the construction process. Our engineered plans utilize standard hardware and construction techniques for the portions of the project to be built by your general contractor and sub contractors. We highly recommend the approach allowing us to provide design and engineering due to the specialized nature of timber detailing and construction. With our experience and our engineers, we have developed time-tested details and methods to insure that construction flows smoothly.