Moraga Home

This home in Moraga was made from recycled Douglas Fir timber with Premier SIP enclosure, built in 1994 Many of the finishes were also recycled material including the redwood siding.


“My initial trip to England, in 1973, was also my introduction to timber framing. I was drawn to the  natural  materials…  all that beautiful wood. When we purchased our rural property in Moraga, CA, we decided on timber frame construction with a contemporary Craftsman style.  Terry from Pacific Post & Beam, suggested recycled wood for the frame. That suggestion sent me on a mission to build a sophisticated house while using as many recycled and salvaged materials as possible. It has been called “the recycled house”.

When the structure was raised, I was very hesitant to cover it up with the panels and metal roof. For 3 days, I watched the craftsmen as they erected a beautiful sculpture, and I was afraid that covering it would transform it into an ordinary house. Instead, the structure became a warm, unique home while maintaining the sculptural quality. For the completion date, 1994, our home is pretty energy efficient. We’ve continued to make small modifications and additions, but feel very lucky to live inside a work of art!”

Moraga timber frame elevationMoraga timber frame elevationMoraga timber frame elevationkitchen with timber frameMoraga timber frame great roomMoraga wood fired pizza ovencloud lift railingMoraga timber frame hip rafter detailMoraga timber frame cloud liftMoraga timber frame hip rafter detailtimber frame hip rafter detailtimber frame valley rafterMoraga timber frame joinery detailMoraga timber frame erectedMoraga timber frame erectedMoraga timber frame joinery detailtimber frame compound joinery detail