As an alternative to complete timber framed homes, Pacific Post & Beam offers custom structural timber framed trusses. These custom truss designs integrate well with most conventional as well as non-conventional building systems such as ICF, straw bale or rammed earth construction. The same time, care and craftsmanship is given to these trusses as exists in our complete homes. Whether they are an option for a pre-existing design, for a project with a tight budget or to include a timber frame element in just the right places, Pacific Post & Beam’s truss service presents endless possibilities. Why settle for expensive decorative trusses when the option of structural, hand-crafted, timber frame trusses exist? ┬áThe trusses are cut and fitted in our shop and can be shipped nationwide. Depending on the size of the truss and project location, the trusses can be shipped preassembled ready to crane onto the roof or prefitted and disassembled for your contractor to reassemble on site. If the job turns out to be more than you or your contractor are comfortable with Pacific Post and Beam can also provide the assistance needed to install trusses.